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Castle de San Andrés

The Castillo de San Andres is the most important monument of Carboneras, symbol of the population. It is located in the old town, near the harbor, and is a military fortress. On its cover, above its arch, highlights the shield of the Marquis del Carpio.

It is believed that its construction began in the late sixteenth century, found that in 1593 still had not begun construction. Construction was completed in 1602 partially, leaving it unfinished. To encourage future castle garrison, it should settle in the area, was projected distribution of land and building a trap to catch tuna. With effort, he managed to give the castle a little garnish and some artillery, but not being well finished, soon resented its walls. The guards were reluctant to continue it, given the obvious danger of the area and poor defense they had. For more unfortunately, the trap had not been completed.

In 1621 it finds the poor condition of the building and the castle inhabited only the warden and four soldiers came from Mojacar, reluctantly, taking turns for weeks. It seems that after this report Iñigo de Briceno works were resumed and the castle is finished building and repair in the following years. It also appears that the trap worked in the area of Cocones during the second half of the seventeenth century. During the early years of the eighteenth century, the population starts to leave the castle walls and growing as people around her. In 1725, the castle belonged to the Duchy of Alba since 1688, had a permanent endowment of twenty soldiers, an officer, a sergeant, two corporals, a drum and a warden. Inside the castle was a chapel where St. Andrew was venerated. A mid-nineteenth century, became part of the Carabineros and 1941 did yield to the Civil Guard, which took over all the assets of the body after the war. In 1949 would be protected by the state. In the sixties, one of the cubes was used as a gas station, carried by a particular abriéndosele an exterior door. Workshop served as cars, block, etc..

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