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Beach of the Dead

This beach in Carboneras, a little more than 5 km from the town center, is one of the most known and appreciated, not only of the Almeria coast, but of the entire Spanish coast, with frequent appearance in the charts made in recent years by various means, as published annually by the magazine 20 minutes, at which reached the top spot in 2007


Difficult access by foot, through two steep trails, from unsupervised parking available on both sides of the road between Agua Amarga Carboneras, despite making these awards, the influx of swimmers is moderate.

It owes its name to the frequency with which its shores reached historically the bodies of shipwrecked sailors or dragged by ocean currents that converge at this site.

Although not absolute, the practice of nudism is common on this beach.

Onsite Management Plan Natural Resources PN Cabo de Gata-Nijar, 2008, the catalogs as a recreational coastal areas with special regulations (Zone B3), highlighting the geological interest of Pliocene sediments.

From the viewpoint that is installed along the road can be seen a wide panoramic view of the beach. Close to it, a trail, also accessible vehicles, leading to the lighthouse Mesa Roldan.


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