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Lighthouse Mesa Roldan

Mesa Roldan Lighthouse is in a privileged location, on a hill that overlooks a large part of the coast of Almeria. Nearby is a watchtower, a constant also in the Andalusian coast, because since they watched in antiquity


It was built in 1863, with a tower of 12 meters and a focal plane height of 222 meters, which together with a powerful lighting system gives a range of 23 nautical miles 


 A royal order of December 18, 1857, correcting the lighting plan that did not include any light between Cabo de Gata and Cape Tiñoso, projecting a light intermediate to connect. The December 31, 1863, the lighthouse keeper Eustasio 1st Page and 2nd keeper Francisco Manresa, inaugurate the lighthouse, with an auxiliary 3rd order fixed white light with 3 flashes. Degrand lamp consumed olive oil, from 1882 is changed to a lighter paraffin Dotty and in 1901, began to consume oil.

Its octagonal tower of 10.5 m. high, coupled with the height of the plateau where it is, let the light spot at 220 m. above sea level, which made him the tallest lighthouse on the peninsula, until it opened its neighbors in the Polacra and Castell de Ferro.

In 1923 he remodeled giving the appearance of groups of 4 white light flashes. Optical apparatus is modified by the Machinist Valencia, replacing the rotating for 4 screens alternated with vertical lenses on a mercury float driven by clockwork machine and oil vapor lamp Chance pressure. On June 2, 1972, Rosendo Granados wrote in the diary: "On this date day of Corpus Cristi begins running this grid signal". The signal is electrified with an incandescent lamp of 3000 W and two groups booking Ruston.

In 1986 automates changing flashlight, optics and lighting equipment. In this lighthouse isolated, life was harsh, were frequent lightning strikes, storms of wind and water, but the rarest is this which tells Simon Fuentes on February 2, 1934: "All night the lantern glazing overlooking the northern part have been completely covered with snow and auque intervals and exhibition of the life we have tried baldearla the ledge and crystals, no longer have been a great inconvenience to the effects of the sailors, by the size of the sector which has been without light. "In the life of the lighthouse, has greatly influenced the existence of the quarries that were located in the same table Roldán and gave great scares and technical problems between: they broke windows, stood the optical part of the roof collapsed lighthouse, etc..

From the lighthouse has seen Carboneras history, shipwrecks in the Punta de los Muertos, the maneuvers of the U.S. Marines from 1975 to 1977, construction of all Ports of Carboneras, but yes, always bird's eye view.


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